Four Unique Grand Haven Eateries for the Whole Family

Colleen Johnson

Are you tired of pulling into fast-food drive-ups on vacation to buy the same old food, served in the same old way?

Four unique Grand Haven eateries will add fresh dining experiences to your family’s vacation.

Want to enjoy a “meal on a stick”? The famous Pronto Pup’s cash-only corn dog stand will serve you a delicious option. Just walk up to the window and order your Pronto Pup; then take it with you as you stroll along the beautiful Grand Haven Boardwalk or drive along the lakeshore.

Stopping in at Butch’s Beach Burritos can also make mealtime easy for on-the-go vacationing families. Delicious made-to-order burritos, specialty hotdogs, and tacos are wrapped to carry out. Tortilla chips and Butch’s own homemade salsa or guacamole can be added as the perfect sides. This beach-side dining spot will be a favorite you’ll return to!

Four unique Grand Haven eateries will add fresh dining experiences to your family’s vacation."

Diners coming straight from the beach or those with kids feeling extra lively have no worries when they eat at Righteous Cuisine! The casual dining and rustic décor make everyone instantly feel at home.

There’s seating at the bar or at tables inside and out, or you can order your meal to go.

Try their amazing tacos, burritos, nachos, and other Mexican dishes featuring smoked chicken or brisket prepared in their large outdoor smokers.

Add one of their special sides to your meal, like sweet potato salad or homemade tortilla chips paired with fresh salsa or guacamole, and everyone will finish dinner with a smile.

Are you in the mood for top-quality American food? The Paisley Pig Gastropub promises creative flavor combinations for your traditional favorites. Try the famous dry-rubbed baby back ribs, grilled Great Lakes whitefish, or a mouth-watering burger. Or treat yourself to one of the Paisley Pig Pies, which are signature pizzas topped with ingredients like grilled artichoke, chorizo, or truffle mushrooms. If you like a pizza that’s more traditional, you can build your own. Paisley Pig offers 40 craft beers and 53 wines to pair with the amazing entrees. Their commitment to using local produce ensures their patrons experience the freshest foods while supporting the community.