How to Prepare and Plan for an Epic Self-Care Vacation

Jennifer Scott,

By now, you know that self-care is crucial for your health. Without it, you are more likely to experience feelings of anxiety and depression, and you are also putting yourself at risk for chronic diseases and serious health conditions. If you haven’t had time for self-care in your regular routine, it may be time for more drastic measures. Planning a self-care-focused vacation can help you recharge and decompress from all that stress, so here are some simple tips for planning your wellness adventure.

Invest in Some Pre-Vacay Self-Care

Get in a little self-care before you go! Looking and feeling your best is a good way to improve your self-esteem and get yourself into a more positive frame of mind. So plan a few relaxing and refreshing treatments before you depart on your getaway. For example, investing in a hair-nourishing keratin treatment can eliminate frizz, damage, and flyaways. So no matter where your adventures take you, you can be sure that your hair always looks sleek, shiny, and healthy in all those selfies. You can also treat yourself to some at-home pampering with luxurious self-care products that will help you de-stress and decompress before you even leave home. Seriously short on time but in need of a refresh? Try these TSA-approved beauty treats and mask away your stress on long flights.

Plan Your Trip Carefully

There’s no point in taking a self-care vacation if you end up stressing out about all the little details along the way. So to keep your travels stress-free and enjoyable, think about using a vacation-planning app to ensure that you won’t miss any crucial steps in the planning process.

If you are concerned about sticking to a tight budget for your self-care escape, then consider checking out VRBO vs Airbnb and Airbnb vs Whimstay for a way to understand would you will need to pay. Apps like GasBuddy will help keep your tank full without draining your wallet during road trips, while apps like Service can help you save even after your trip is over. As you plan and prep for your trip, you can also check out online coupons for all your travel essentials, which can include activities, hotel accommodations, car rentals, and even snacks. 




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A self-care getaway could be just what you need to jump-start a regular routine at home.

Choose the Right Destination

While you are planning and preparing for your self-care getaway, make sure you choose a desirable destination. A stay near Lake Michigan, for example, is guaranteed to soothe your senses and calm your nerves, especially when you book a stay with Unsalted Vacations. In addition to relaxing by the calming waters of Lake Michigan, you can treat yourself to some serious fun by exploring all that Michigan has to offer, from amazing restaurants to exciting attractions.

Some other relaxing destinations in the United States include Savannah, Martha’s Vineyard, and Carmel Beach, all of which put you within minutes of stress-reducing ocean waves and relaxing sights. Plus taking a trip in the United States can help keep travel costs low so you can plan even more self-care adventures in the future. If you are looking to experience some ultimate healing and stress-relief, you can also consider booking a retreat for yourself. You can find wellness retreats to fit just about any self-care need or interest, with daily offerings of yoga and other activities.

If you have been going without self-care for some time now, it may be time to break the cycle. Use the tips above to plan your escape to help preserve your physical health and emotional well-being. A self-care getaway could be just what you need to jump-start a regular routine at home.

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Jennifer Scott,

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