Vacation Property Rental Management

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Vacation Property Rental Management


    From check-in to check-out, our hospitality department is there to support you and your guests all along the way. We promise to care for your home as if it were our own, cleaning between renters and noting any incidents of damage.


    Before a commitment, we provide a free consultation so you can anticipate your property’s performance. During this walkthrough, we will evaluate your home based on factors such as size, location, and proximity to area attractions.


    With high-quality photography, drone video and 3D scans, we can feature your property as a top-tier vacation home. Plus, by listing with our premier booking partners, you are ensured more visibility—and more revenue.


    It’s our goal to keep your home secure. That’s why we work with you to install technology like Wi-Fi or cellular lock systems, which lead to enhanced safety and energy efficiency.


    Your property, your rules. We give you the power to control availability for renters, then decide when you want to create your own vacation memories.


  • How do I know if my property would perform well as a vacation rental?

    Unsalted Vacations is happy to come out for a no-cost, no-pressure walkthrough and consultation. We will evaluate your property based on a variety of factors, including the location, the desirability of the area, the size and capacity, its proximity to local attractions and amenities, along with local regulations and compliance. We will ask questions to better understand your situation, goals, and expectations. Then, following a tour of the property and considering all of the above factors, we will recommend whether or not the property is a good fit for our rental program.

  • How much routine maintenance should I expect with my property?

    It’s critical for owners to have realistic expectations in regards to wear and tear of the property. Normal wear and tear is expected whenever there are occupants on the property. Our job is to help limit this as much as possible, but it is quite simply unavoidable. You should expect to clean carpets, touch up paint, and occasionally replace broken dishes from time to time.

  • Why should I choose Unsalted Vacations, versus managing the property myself or hiring another management company?

    At Unsalted Vacations, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve with technology that allows us to market your property in new and exciting ways—ways that rise above the competition. This includes high-quality photography, drone video and photography, 3D scans and walkthroughs, a dynamic web platform that allows you real-time access to rental calendars, and more! We work with you to install technology that will maximize efficiencies, provide added safety and security, and more. By using Wi-Fi or cellular lock systems and thermostat systems, we increase the protection for your property while also staying energy-efficient and reducing property expenses. Our entire team is always on the lookout for the latest, most innovative technologies and platforms on the market, so we can remain one step ahead in the industry.

  • When is the best time of year to add my property into the Unsalted Vacations’ rental portfolio?

    We add listings year round, but the most optimal time to add any property is in the fall. This allows us to have a full booking season posted and marketed for the entire calendar year. It also allows our team to fully focus on the on-boarding process during slower rental seasons to bring shorter turnaround times. The odds of having a successful first rental summer are dramatically better with at least 3-6 months marketing time before the peak season in June, making the best time to add in a property between October and March of any given fall or winter.

  • What services are included in “rental management”?

    Unsalted Vacations manages all aspects of the property as it pertains to the vacation rentals themselves. This means we handle all of the following: marketing and advertising of the property; all paperwork matters and financial ins and outs (including use tax collection and payments); visitors bureau assessment collection and payments; cleaning fee collection and payments; owner payouts through direct deposit (preferred method) or monthly checks; oversight of renters during their stay (including face-to-face interactions and check-ins); responding promptly to concerns or issues during a renters stay; a thorough inventory of any damages that may occur during a stay; and all other renter interactions. We also provide high-quality cleaning services between renters and inspect the property for any damages, excessive wear and tear, or any items that might be missing. Unsalted Vacations offers protection from liability and expense and encourages renters to purchase a damage waiver policy that safeguards a property from accidental damages. Renters are obligated to sign a contract where they acknowledge responsibility for any damages that do occur during their stay.

  • What is considered the property owner’s responsibility?

    Unsalted Vacations will only handle maintenance items for the property if they become necessary immediately prior to or during a renter’s stay. For instance, if no renters are booked throughout the winter, we would not be responsible for any oversight or maintenance of the property during that downtime. The property owner is responsible for all regular or preventative maintenance and will be involved in the event that any major maintenance is necessary (i.e. repairs or replacement of HVAC systems, appliance repair or replacement, plumbing or electrical needs or emergencies, etc.) It is also the owner’s responsibility to pay all utilities and coordinate lawn care services or snow removal. We do help coordinate with vendors and subcontractors, and we do offer simple maintenance services, but these would all be handled on a case-by-case basis. Any of these additional associated costs fall under the owner’s responsibility.

  • What is the best strategy for off-season rentals?

    There are a number of variables that will determine the best strategy for you and your property during the non-peak months of September through May. Unsalted Vacations will gladly discuss your options with you during our free property consultation. Typically, we find that a combination of short-term rentals in the summer and a longer term placement in the off-season months will generate the highest income for the property owner. However, this doesn’t take into account all of the variables that exist, such as desire for personal use, the viability and expense of leaving cottage-type properties open through the winter months, etc. Whatever our recommended approach may be, it will be tailored around your needs and goals!

  • What if we want to use the property for ourselves?

    Most of our clients do enjoy personal use of the properties—and we absolutely understand and encourage it! However, there must be enough availability for Unsalted Vacations to market, sell, and maintain a profitable and sustainable partnership for both sides.

  • How do you screen renters to protect our property?

    In short, there isn’t much we can do in terms of screening. Any type of selective decision-making may be misconstrued as discrimination. However, we can establish a maximum occupancy and a minimum age requirement for the primary renter. Yet still, in the history of our company and out of the thousands of rentals we’ve counted as our properties, we assure you that we’ve had tremendous success attracting responsible guests. Even more, we’re always encouraged by how much our guests care for the properties they are staying in. Many renters will try a property once, love the experience, and return year after year!

  • How does Unsalted Vacations get compensated for services?

    We offer our services in exchange for a commission based on the gross rental rate. This commission covers all of the services outlined above and is simply deducted from owner rental income deposits or checks, along with a full statement showing the activity that corresponds to the pay out. Quite simply, if we don’t place renters and impress them enough to come back and stay with us, we don’t get paid. If you are successful, we are successful, so we thrive on this model as we truly take pride in earning our keep!

  • What are the next steps in getting signed up with Unsalted Vacations?

    Reach out! Let’s talk about your property and get to know each other. We care about you and your story—and we know you care about your property. So let’s chat and see if Unsalted Vacations may be a fit for you. Send us a message with your contact information, and one of our representatives will promptly get back to you.

  • Excellent service with terrific results. Wouldn’t use anyone else.

    Ken B., Property Owner client, “Green Cottage Getaway”
  • The Unsalted team really knows what they’re doing. They find great renters who treat our space well. They know the markets and were able to provide accurate pricing and occupancy projections. The team is easy to work with and we love using the online portal – all the accounting is accurate and it’s super easy to reserve weekends for personal use right online!

    Brian F., Property Owner client, “Edgewater Escape”
  • We have recently hired Unsalted Vacations to market our lake house on Lake Michigan for summer rentals. It is incredibly important when you rent your home to have a company who truly cares about your property. So far we have been completely satisfied with all that they’ve done. They came in and did an amazing job photographing and explaining our property on their website Their photos and descriptions capture the true essence of the house without exaggerating it. They have completely booked our house for the summer and we couldn’t be happier.

    Kate L., Property Owner client, “Bellavita”
  • I cannot say enough good things about Unsalted Vacations and how well they’ve managed my Lake Michigan rental. As soon as I contacted Unsalted, I received a personal response within 30 minutes. After listing, my property was booked solid from July through mid-September—and their team handled everything with true efficiency and professionalism! I now anticipate a solid business relationship for years to come.

    Dan S., Property Owner Client, “Timbershores”
  • As one of Unsalted Vacation’s very early clients, we can share several adjectives which clearly describe many years of our positive relationship. They include but are not limited to: professional, caring, responsive, patient, friendly and cooperative

    John R., Property Owner Client, “Sundance on the Harbor”

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