Vacation Rental vs Hotel: Why You Should Consider Booking a Vacation Home Instead of a Hotel

Why More and More Travelers are Choosing Vacation Rental Homes Instead

Most of us are accustomed to staying in hotels while on vacation. However, more and more people are deciding that vacation homes make much more sense. Currently, one out of every eight people prefers vacation rental homes vs hotels. But by the year 2025, one out of every five people will be choosing vacation rentals instead of hotels! If you haven’t made the switch yet, you might be unsure about what to expect. Continue reading for an easy-to-understand guide comparing booking a vacation rental vs hotel.

Benefits of Choosing Vacation Rentals vs Hotels


10 Reasons Why Interest in Vacation Homes Is Surging


1. It’s easy. Booking a vacation rental is very similar to booking a hotel room.


First and foremost, it's just plain easy! Many guests choose to book homes through third party platforms like VRBO and Airbnb. This is just like people using to find a hotel in their chosen destination. VRBO and Airbnb are popular because each user establishes a profile to verify their identity.

At the end of each stay, hosts (homeowners or property management companies) rate the guests on factors such as how well they adhered to the house guidelines. Likewise, guests review the property and the hosts on things like cleanliness and ease of check-in. Obviously, reviews are a fantastic way to learn about a vacation property before investing in it. The downside is that platforms like Airbnb and VRBO often charge their own fees, so you as a guest end up paying more than if you had booked directly through a property management company. This is why many guests choose to book their vacation directly through a management company rather than a third party platform. Often, management companies will have reviews on their own website, so you can get a good idea of what to expect ahead of time.

No matter how you do it, the bottom line is the same: it’s just plain easy to book a vacation home, and you can do it all online.

2. There’s more space in rental homes vs hotels.


Another benefit of a vacation rental vs hotel booking is the extra living space. Rather than having a small hotel room with just the basics, you can enjoy an entire home with multiple living and family rooms. According to Hotel Tech Report, the average hotel room has 325 square feet while the average vacation home has over 1,300 square feet.

3. You’ll have far more privacy in a vacation rental vs hotel.


In addition to extra space, you can often find vacation rental homes surrounded by acres of private land.

Many are set on a private acreage, so you can opt for a truly secluded retreat. Even homes with little or no exterior space do provide more distance from neighbors than what you would get in a hotel, when your room literally shares a wall with other guests.

If you choose a home with a hot tub or swimming pool, the privacy gains a whole new meaning! You can enjoy these amenities with the people in your close circle without having to compete for space with other guests.

Many vacation homes have multiple bedrooms. This makes having your own room much more budget-friendly!

Vacation Rental vs Hotel
BluSprings is the perfect example of a secluded vacation rental home with endless amenities. Click here to view the full listing.



4. Vacation rental homes offer exclusive amenities.


Extra touches such as grills, beach chairs, cookware, your own kitchen, dishwasher, washer and dryer, and swimming pools offer a heightened guest experience. Simply put, vacation rental homes have far more wiggle room to add those special extras.

5. Kitchens make everyone happier!


Since vacation rental homes typically have kitchens, guests have the space and equipment necessary to stock up on their favorite food and drink. Having food and libations on hand often keeps everyone in the party happy, since each individual can access food whenever they want. This convenience factor prevents the headache of trying to coordinate large dinner reservations every day. As an added bonus, a well-stocked kitchen helps prevent “hangry” friends and family!

6. Vacation homes can be cheaper than hotels.


Cooking your own meals is also a great way to save money; kitchens definitely help you trim down your budget! Since cooking is much cheaper than buying each meal from a restaurant, this is one of the best ways to cut down costs. You can also save money by sharing a rental home with multiple families and splitting the total cost; this is typically more affordable than booking separate hotel rooms for each couple or individual.

7. Vacation rental homes are more comfortable than hotels.


Thoughtfully designed interior design and comfortable furniture provides a naturally homey atmosphere. In contrast, even the best hotels can feel impersonal and sterile. Guests also enjoy being able to lounge on couches and easy chairs rather than just a single bed, such as you’ll find in standard hotel rooms.

8. There are often more kid-friendly amenities onsite.


Many vacation homes have indoor playrooms and outdoor playground equipment and toys. One of ours even has a built-in slide!

Grand Chateau is a luxury vacation rental on Lake Michigan with private beach access. There's a playroom full of toys and art supplies for the kids. View the full listing here.



9. You might even be able to bring your dog!

Typically, you can’t bring Fido along with you to a hotel. However, some vacation rental homes are pet-friendly and permit cats and dogs.

If you're looking for a pet friendly vacation rental in Michigan, here's a list of amazing options in West Michigan:

Check out Modern Mini, a pet-friendly bungalow with Lake Michigan access.

Another great option is The Green House. This two bedroom home is located in the heart of Holland.

Brucker Beach Bungalow is another great pet friendly option. You will love the view of Lake Michigan.

Yet another fabulous option is Trillium Ridge. Nestled along Lake Michigan’s shoreline, the home is serenely surrounded by trees. Even better, it's a short walk from Lake Michigan beach access!

10. In stark contrast to hotels, vacation rental homes promote closeness and community within your group.


In a hotel, it can be hard for a large party to be in the same place at once. Especially if it's a large group! You likely spread out between 5-10 different hotel rooms. This prevents everyone from being able to mingle together in the same general space at one time.

In contrast, vacation rental homes provide one unified area for gatherings of old friends, extended families, and group retreats.


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