Uncompromising Quality: The Best Vacation Rental Management Company in West Michigan

Finding the best vacation rental property management companies in Michigan

From Hassle to Hands-Off: The Benefits of Hiring a Property Rental Management Company for Your Short Term Rental

The vacation rental industry is experiencing a boom. More and more travelers are opting for short-term rentals vs traditional hotels. Because of this, investing in a vacation rental property can reap significant returns, providing homeowners with extra income and even covering housing costs.

However, managing a successful vacation rental can be time-consuming and challenging. In this blog post, we discuss why partnering with a professional property management company like BVW Unsalted Vacations can save you time, effort, and even money. Partnering with our property management company also ensures high levels of guest satisfaction and full compliance with rental laws. In due course, you will begin the “BVW Difference” 0ustanding amount of work completed each day.

Overview: Short Term Rentals Are Surging in Popularity

Vacation rentals have exploded in popularity over the past decade. In fact, many travelers prefer vacation rentals vs hotels. According to recent research, the vacation rental industry is expected to reach a projected market volume of $21.11 billion by 2028.  Additionally, research predicts 64.10 million vacation rental users by 2028. As you can see, investing in a vacation rental property is a wise decision! For homeowners, listing a property as a vacation rental can provide extra income and help cover housing costs.

Renting out a second home, cabin, beach house or other property through vacation rental platforms offers homeowners some unique advantages. It provides income from a property you already own, but it gives you the flexibility to use it yourself part of the year. Vacation rentals also help homeowners afford and maintain high-end properties in popular destinations that might otherwise be financially out of reach.

As the vacation rental market continues to expand, more homeowners are taking advantage of this opportunity. But managing a successful vacation rental involves important factors. For example: pricing, marketing, managing bookings, maintaining renter relations, and coordinating emergency maintenance repairs – among other things. All of these tasks take considerable time and expertise.

What Are the Challenges of Self-Managing?


Self Managing an Airbnb vs Hiring a Property Management CompanyManaging a vacation rental property on your own can be extremely time-consuming. In fact, the average vacation rental manager spent over 15 hours per week on administrative tasks alone in 2023.  This is not including the time it takes for hands-on cleaning, scheduling, marketing, accepting reservations, accounting, and maintenance. Handling all bookings, communications, cleaning, and repairs yourself can quickly become a full-time job.

As a homeowner, you likely have a busy personal and professional life outside of your vacation property. Self-managing means sacrificing significant time that could be better spent with family, friends, or furthering your career.

Hiring a professional management company like BVW Unsalted Vacations allows you to hand off the day-to-day rental operations while still earning revenue from your investment property.


Why Choose to Pay a Property Management Company Fees?

With a trusted partner handling operations, homeowners can truly relax and enjoy their vacation property. Homeowners with vacation rental properties often consider self-managing to avoid management fees. However, partnering with a professional management company offers significant benefits that often outweigh the costs. In fact, a management team may prevent homeowners from losing money.

5 Indisputable Advantages Using a Property Management Company vs Self Managing

  • Time savings – Management companies handle all bookings, communication with renters, and cleaning coordination.  This frees up homeowners’ time substantially.
  • Increased bookings – Companies have marketing expertise to advertise vacancies and optimize listings which leads to higher occupancy rates and revenue. According to iGMS, professional management can raise occupancy by 15-25% over self-managed properties.Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager for Your Short Term Rental Property
  • Peace of mind – Reliable systems, as well as local staff provide confidence that the property and renters are being properly cared for.
  • Higher guest satisfaction – BVW Unsalted Vacations has the capacity to provide guest services 24 hours a day, seven days a week 365 days a year. Consistently prompt, professional customer service and quality tenant relations means better reviews. And better reviews means more bookings for the homeowner in the future.
  • Greater knowledge of local ordinances, rules, and regulations – Since the short term rental regulations consistently change, it’s extremely important to hire a management team with demonstrated competency and ability to adapt. As an individual property owner, it may be difficult for you to keep current with the ever-changing rules and regulations related to rental properties. However, a quality property management company stays abreast of these details to help ensure you are legally compliant.
  • Safety concerns – These can be anything from investigating declarations regarding lead and mold to meeting necessary smoke and carbon monoxide alarm criteria to understanding and adhering to housing and building standards.

In other words, it’s the job of a professional management company to ensure that your property perpetually adheres to all federal, state, and local legislation.

What Makes BVW Unsalted Vacations the Best Choice?

Experience & Reputation

With over 11 years of experience in property management since its founding in 2007, BVW Unsalted Vacations is the leading vacation rental management company along the Lake Michigan shoreline. Their short term rentals span as far south as South Haven and as far north as Manistee. Focusing solely on high-quality west Michigan & southwest Michigan vacation properties, BVW offers an exceptional boutique service and support system for homeowners.

BVW Unsalted Vacations has earned outstanding reviews and a reputation as the premier local vacation rental manager. According to one recent review,  “BVW Unsalted Vacations was great to work with. They communicated quickly and clearly on all aspects of reserving and checking in/out of the property.” Another guest recently raved, “The BVW team is incredibly responsive, professional, and committed to making the stay pleasant.

With a 5 star rating across platforms like VRBO and TripAdvisor, BVW is recognized for providing responsive, hands-on service before, during, and after a guest’s stay.

Verified Guest Reviews for BVW Unsalted Vacations:

Professional, Full Service Management Company

As a specialized local company, homeowners enjoy direct communication and support from BVW’s team. This individualized approach sets BVW apart from larger national rental management companies.

Why Unsalted Vacations is the Best Vacation Rental Management Company in West MichiganAdditionally, as a full service company, BVW handles everything from marketing and reservations to maintenance and upkeep. From check-in to check-out, our hospitality department is there to support you and your guests all along the way. We promise to care for your home as if it were our own, cleaning between renters and noting any incidents of damage.

Unmatched Marketing Strategy

With high-quality photography, drone video and 3D scans, we can feature your property as a top-tier vacation home. Plus, by listing with our premier booking partners, you are ensured more visibility—and more revenue.

24/7 Calendar Access

Your property, your rules. We give you the power to control availability for renters, then decide when you want to create your own vacation memories.

No Cost, No Pressure Consultation

Before a commitment, we provide a free consultation so you can anticipate your property’s performance. During this walk through, we will evaluate your home based on factors such as size, location, and proximity to area attractions.

The “BVW Difference” – Offering Homeowners Higher Occupancy Rates & Increased Revenue

Benefits of Hiring a Property Management Company for Your Short Term Rental (Airbnb or VRBO)Choosing an experienced property management company like BVW Unsalted Vacations provides many benefits for homeowners compared to self-managing. BVW focuses on maximizing rental income through marketing expertise while also providing hassle-free maintenance and top-notch service.

One of the main benefits BVW offers is higher occupancy rates and increased revenue through online advertising, marketing, and targeted social media strategies. In fact, BVW promotes properties on 60+ rental sites to reach the widest possible audience. Strategic pricing and revenue management techniques also help maximize rental income.

As experts in the local market, BVW Unsalted Vacations knows how to attract more renters and increase bookings. Just as notable, the team is well-equipped to manage crises when they inevitably do arise due to disgruntled guests or extreme events such as power outages.

Unlike smaller management companies, BVW Unsalted Vacations works hand-in-hand with parent company,  BVW Property Management’s team to form an unmatched synergy.

The “BVW” difference improves the guest experience, too. In other words, guests are more likely to return year after year. Ultimately, this means more money in your pocket. Here are 6 Amazing Benefits of Staying at a BVW Unsalted Vacations property.


Have Questions? BVW Unsalted Vacations Is Here With You Every Step of the Way


As you can see, the upswing in short-term rentals is a lucrative opportunity for homeowners interested in transforming their properties into a source of income. However, the management and operation demands of a vacation rental property can be challenging and time-consuming.

Engaging the services of a seasoned property management company like BVW Unsalted Vacations, with its vast experience, excellent guest service reputation, professional maintenance department, and in-depth knowledge of rental legislation, can make this venture lucrative and free of stress for the homeowners.

Investing in high-quality vacation properties in Western Michigan has never been more attractive or simple. If you’d like to connect with a member of our team to discuss management of your property, you can submit your inquiry here.


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