West Michigan Art Galleries for a Rainy Day

Art Galleries in Michigan: A young woman looks closely at an exhibit at an art gallery in West Michigan.

Thanks to its transformative nature, autumn can be a beautiful time of year in West Michigan, but it does come with some drawbacks. Most notably, the days are shorter, and the weather doesn’t always do what we want. Thankfully, several excellent indoor options exist for when we’d rather stay inside. You could go shopping in one of the downtowns, go to a movie or play, or check out one of the nearby historical museums. One indoor activity that comes to mind that some may not think of is visiting some of the best small art galleries in Michigan. In this post, Unsalted Vacations will share some intriguing options for art enthusiasts staying with us this fall.

Art Galleries in Saugatuck-Douglas

Many people may not realize it, but Saugatuck is the epicenter of art in West Michigan. And because there is such a concentration of galleries and organizations, we’ll feature a separate section for this incubator of creativity.

  • Much like the Holland Area Arts Council, the Saugatuck Center for the Arts is a pivotal reason art galleries thrive in West Michigan. Exhibits, entertainment, and education are at the forefront of the organization, as demonstrated by its extensive galleries, ongoing performances, and enriching programs.
  • Water Street Gallery boasts “the Midwest’s most popular display of original art on the “Art Coast” of Michigan. Water Street Gallery focuses on emerging artists from all over, from across town to across the world.
  • With strong influences from London, New York City, and Chicago, Button Gallery has an exquisite sculpture garden 2,500-square-foot exhibition space currently featuring 30 distinct artists.
  • J Petters Galleries combines wine and art for a unique experience showcasing works from over 140 artists, boutique wine varietals, artisan cheeses, and delectable hand-poured chocolates. Their ongoing events are the talk of the town, and they also have two other exhibits in Holland in Saugatuck.

Lakeside Inspiration | Art Galleries in Michigan

Whether it’s our relatively close proximity to metro areas or the inspirational and iconic Lake Michigan, our side of the Wolverine State has some of the best low-key art galleries in the Midwest. So whether you’re an aficionado or simply want a new cultural experience, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you’ll find in our coastal communities. 

Muskegon Museum of Art

Featuring works from some of the world’s most renowned creatives, The Muskegon Museum of Art has a fine collection featuring the likes of Dale Chihuly, Sonja Blomdahl, and Dominik Labino. With a rotating seasonal collection, MMA has something for everyone. Their studio glass exhibit is one of the crown jewels of the Midwest. 

Gallery Uptown

Gallery Uptown in Grand Haven is among the oldest artist-operated art galleries in Michigan. This gallery has everything from paintings and drawings to mixed media and wearables. Moreover, they feature award-winning artists from the area, giving local talent a chance to shine. Opening receptions for their monthly showings are free and open to the public.

Lake Effect Gallery

Lake Effect Gallery in Holland is a must-stop if you’re in the market for paintings, prints, jewelry, and more. Although most art galleries in Michigan have the option to purchase creations, Lake Effect specializes in sales. From stylish wearables to captivating metalworks, there’s a good chance you’ll find something to take home if you’re looking. Lake Effect Galley also offers professional framing. 

Kruizenga Art Museum

Holland’s Kruizenga Art Museum showcases an impressive variety of art amid a stunning 15,000-square-foot space at Hope College. Primarily used for educational purposes for students, the museum has two galleries and a classroom featuring select works not in the exhibits, with over 1,000 pieces from either donations or purchased by the university; much of their art was imported from Asia and Africa. The Kruizenga Art Museum has recieved noteworthy recognition in the art world, having been discussed in several art publications.

Holland Area Arts Council

Home to three professional galleries, The Holland Area Arts Council  been a West Michigan art scene staple for over 50 years. In addition to their exhibitions, The Holland Area Arts Council features various classes, camps, and workshops for kids and grownups alike. Art lovers will also appreciate their many events

Southwest Michigan Vacation Rentals by Unsalted

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